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Wolfie Wallet – Frequently Asked Questions

1 – What is Wolfie Wallet?

Wolfie Wallet is a campus prepaid declining balance debit account encoded on your campus ID. It is a safe and convenient way to make food purchases from on and off campus merchants, wash and dry your laundry, make purchases from campus stores and vending machines, mail packages in the residential mailroom, purchase tickets through the USG ticket office and utilize print and copy services.

Wolfie Wallet is different from the Meal Plan or Bookstore Campus Account.


It is:

  • Accepted at more locations
  • Refundable


It is NOT:

  • Exempt from New York State sales tax
  • Billable to your Student Account (SOLAR)
  • Payable directly by Financial Aid

2 – How do I add funds to Wolfie Wallet?

Funds can be added to your Wolfie Wallet through any of the following ways:

  1. You can add funds with cash, check or credit card at the FSA Services Office, Suite 250, Stony Brook Union.
  2. You can add funds with a credit card through campusdining.org. Click on the “Add Funds” link in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click on the Wolfie Wallet tab.
  3. You can add funds with a credit card through stonybrook.edu/fsa/wolfiewallet
  4. You can add funds with cash through the Cash-to-Account machines.

3 – Where can I check my balance?

You can check your balance on-line at stonybrook.edu/fsa/wolfiewallet

4 – If I run out of funds on my meal plan, should I add money to Wolfie Wallet to make additional food purchases on campus?

It is your choice:

If you are sure you are going to use all of the money you add by the end of the semester, adding funds to your meal plan will save you money. All student meal plans are tax-exempt, saving you 8.625% on every purchase. Plus, students who have a resident meal plan save an additional 4% on all of their purchases. However, meal plans are not refundable and must be used in its entirety by the meal plan end dates. For more information on meal plans, visit our Meal Plan Information Center

But, if you are too busy to track your meal plan balance at the end of the semester, Wolfie Wallet is a better choice. Wolfie Wallet purchases are not sales tax-exempt, but the money you add will not have an end date and will rollover from semester-to-semester.

5 – Where can you use Wolfie Wallet off campus?

Wolfie Wallet can be used at Greek To Go, McDonald’s, Jamba Juice, Quiznos, Sweet Frog, Cool Monkey, CVS Pharmacy, Cabo Fresh, O Sole Mio and two Subway locations off campus. For more information click the Where Can I Use Wolfie Wallet link in the sidebar and click on the Off Campus Locations tab.

6 – Are there any exclusions with what I can buy with Wolfie Wallet?

You cannot buy alcohol or cigarettes with Wolfie Wallet.

7 – Is Wolfie Wallet part of the Meal Plan?


8 – Can I transfer funds from my Bookstore Campus Account to Wolfie Wallet?


9 – Can I transfer funds from my Meal Plan to Wolfie Wallet?


10 – Does Wolfie Wallet rollover from semester to semester?

Yes, Wolfie Wallet will roll over from semester to semester until you graduate or withdraw from the University.

11 – If I already have a Campus Cash account, will my unused funds be transferred to Wolfie Wallet?


12 – If I already have a Faculty Staff Debit Plan, will my unused funds be transferred to Wolfie Wallet?


13 – Where can I use Wolfie Wallet?

For a complete list of locations that accept Wolfie Wallet click the Where Can I Use Wolfie Wallet link in the sidebar.

14 – How can I get a refund on funds in my Wolfie Wallet account?

If your balance is $20 or more and you are withdrawing or graduating from Stony Brook University, you may request a refund in writing or come to the FSA Student Services Office, Suite 250 of the Stony Brook Union. After two years of inactivity any value left on the account will be forfeited.

15 – Which merchants offer a discount when using Wolfie Wallet to pay for purchases?

Cabo Fresh, O Sole Mio, Greek To Go, Quiznos, Jamba Juice and Subway offer a 10% discount for customers that use Wolfie Wallet to pay for their purchase.

Students can save money when they wash and dry their laundry using any one of the 70 laundry rooms on campus.

16 – Do I have to pay sales tax on my purchases when using Wolfie Wallet?


17 – If I lose my card, do I lose the funds in my Wolfie Wallet account?


18 – How do I report my card lost?

You can report your lost ID card in the following ways:

  • Online at CampusDining.org, 24 hours day
  • Campus ID Office, Administration Building, Room 254
  • FSA Services Office, Stony Brook Union Building, Suite 250
  • Online by clicking here.

19 – Can I add money to my Wolfie Wallet account through SOLAR?


20 – Which off campus merchants offer delivery?

O Sole Mio and Greek To Go offer delivery.


Comments or Questions? Call FSA Services Office at 632-6517

Download the Wolfie Wallet brochure (.pdf)