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Resident Meal Plan











Terms and Conditions for Resident Meal Plan

Meal Plan Dining

Campus Dining Points are based on a declining balance system. These points may be used for food and beverage purchases in authorized locations. Unused meal plan points at the end of the fall semester will carry over to the spring semester. Unused Campus Dining Points at the end of the spring semester (5/22/15) are not refundable and do not carry over to the following academic year. Meal plans are non-transferable.

If you do not select a meal plan and your enrollment status or residence hall assignment require you to be on a meal plan you will be placed on the silver plan. All NEW freshman and transfer resident students who do not select a meal plan will be placed on the Gold Plan.

Resident students in their first 2 semesters at Stony Brook or any students living in mandatory meal plan buildings/areas are required to be on one of the residence hall meal plans each semester.

Any first/second semester students who are 23+ and living in a cooking room are not required to be on a meal plan.


Downgrades to a lower price meal plan MUST BE MADE in writing (in person or via the web) during the first and last three weeks of the semester. Upgrades to a higher priced meal plan can be made at anytime during the semester in person or via the web provided your student account is in good standing.


  • For students voluntarily withdrawing from the University, a pro-rated refund will be given. In order to receive a refund, the Meal Plan Office must receive notification from the student of a meal plan cancellation.
  • Only students who move off campus or move to a cooking room and are not required to be on a meal plan may request a cancellation. The cancellation will be pro-rated based on the number of weeks enrolled on the plan and the remaining balance left on your plan.
  • Withdrawals from the meal plan – The dining service agreement is an annual agreement which covers both semesters of the academic year. Because this is an annual agreement, students who withdraw/graduate from the University or wish to cancel their meal plans because they moved off campus or to a building/area designated as cooking, must notify the Meal Plan Office. Otherwise the student will be charged the full amount of the meal plan.



All undergraduate students who reside in the residence halls and who are in their first or second semester of enrollment at Stony Brook are required to enroll in a resident meal plan, regardless of the residence hall in which they reside. Resident students, who live in a residence hall or area designated as non-cooking, must enroll in a resident meal plan regardless of class year or tenure at Stony Brook.

Meal plan enrollment may be waived on a religious or medical basis only. Request for a waiver must be made in writing to the Campus Dining Services nutritionist at the West Side Dining Center. This must be done prior to, or within two weeks of, moving on campus. Those residents who obtain a meal plan waiver will be required to reside in or relocate to a resident hall/area designated as cooking. A pro-rated weekly charge for a meal plan will result until the waiver is obtained. Any dietary concerns should be directed to the Campus Dining Services nutritionist at (631) 632-9979.

To prevent others from obtaining meals and charging them against a student’s account, lost cards must be immediately reported in person or via the web. Report your card in person to the Meal Plan or ID Office or at any cash register in any of the Campus Dining locations during business hours. You can reactivate your card at the Meal Plan Office or the ID Office.

All meal plans selected are ANNUAL agreements. Changes and cancellations must be made in writing. Otherwise, students are billed for the entire academic year. Non-attendance does NOT constitute the cancellation of the meal plan charges. Meal plan charges are refundable ONLY if you withdraw from Campus Residences and cancel your meal plan in accordance with University policies.


Meal Plan Terminology

Campus Dining Points

Campus Dining Points may be used anytime at the Student Activities Center, Union Commons, Union Deli, Starbucks, Delancey Street, Roth Food Court, Roth Regatta Café featuring Red Mango, West Side Dining, Jasmine Food Court, Tabler Café as well as Stadium and Arena Concessions.

Meal plans are tax-exempt which saves you money on every food and beverage purchase you make.

Billable to Account

Please Note: Your Student Account must be in good standing in order to replenish your meal plan and have it billed to your account. Meal Plans are based on the academic year, the meal plan you select for the Fall Semester will be the meal plan you are given in the Spring Semester.

Summer Meal Plans (Unused Balance)

Unused balance from Summer Meal Plans will be carried over to the Fall semester at which time your fall semester meal plan policies apply.

Resident Student Meal Plan Information

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