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Meal Plan Information Center

Here you will find everything you need to know about meal plans for resident, commuter, and apartment students, as well faculty/staff. If you have any additional questions you may call the meal plan office at 631.632-6517 or stop by our office, Suite 250 in the Stony Brook Union.

Please Note: Meal Plans and ID Cards are non-transferable.If someone other than the cardholder is found using the card it will be confiscated and a hold will be placed upon the account until the issue has been resolved. For exceptions please see special needs.

Info Icon Student Meal Plans

Red ID Cards

General meal plan information pertaining to students only (Apartment, Commuter, and Resident Students). Also, sign up for a Summer Meal Plan.

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Info Icon Wolfie Wallet

Blue, Yellow, Green ID Cards

For faculty, staff and students.

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dining icon Where to Eat

Campus Dining offers a choice of meal plans usuable in twelve dining locations that provide a variety of dining styles and cuisines...

money icon Check Balance

Quickly check the balance of your meal plan account. You can view meal plan information here. As a convenience you can also check your Bookstore Campus Account.

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change money icon Change/Cancel Plan

Change or cancel your current meal plan.

Please Note: Downgrade requests may be submitted up to and including the first 3 weeks of the semester, and then again during the last 3 weeks of the semester.

lost card icon Report a Lost Card

If you lost your card or found a card, please report it lost.

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Contact Information

Questions or problems about your meal plan?
Please call the Meal Plan Office at (631) 632-6517 or send us an email at mealplan@stonybrook.edu.

Questions or problems about food or service?
Our Customer Advocate can be reached through the comments section of this webpage or by phone at (631) 632-9374.

Questions or problems about dietary or health needs?
Our staff Dietitian can be reached through the Campus Dining website or by phone at (631) 632-9979.

Questions about catering for an event?
Call (631) 632-7295.