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Roth Regatta Cafe (Q&A)

1 – Where is Roth Regatta Cafe featuring Red Mango located?

Roth Regatta Cafe featuring Red Mango is a great meeting/studying/social space located in the Roth side dining room next to Wendy’s.

2 – Who decided that Red Mango was the new brand to be offered at Roth Food Court?

The 2012-13 meal plan proposal, made by the Campus Dining Resolutions Committee and approved by the FSA Board of Directors, included the development of the side dining room in Roth Food Court to include Roth Regatta Cafe featuring Red Mango.

Over the last two years, student feedback received through the Faculty Student Association (FSA) and Campus Dining Services has told us that students wanted a yogurt/smoothie concept added to Roth and the brand they preferred was Red Mango. Roth Regatta Cafe featuring Red Mango will be a new addition to the food offerings, not a replacement to any of the existing concepts.

Red Mango was recommended by the Meal Plan Resolutions Committee meetings, based on extensive review of customer input. This committee is comprised of twelve students, staff from the food service provider, Faculty Student Association staff and members of Administration. Additional information about this committee can be found on the FSA website.

3 – How is the pricing determined for Roth Regatta Cafe featuring Red Mango products?

When Campus Dining Services wants to offer a new product, they bring the product and the suggested price to the Meal Plan Resolutions Committee. This committee then reviews the proposed pricing, relative to the food cost and labor necessary to make the product available, and then determines the selling price to offer the product on campus.

4 – How many yogurt flavors are offered?

Roth Regatta Cafe featuring Red Mango features three yogurt machines offering six flavors, plus the option for three swirl mixes. It features toppings as well as a line of smoothies.

5 – Does Roth Regatta Cafe featuring Red Mango accept meal plan and Wolfie Wallet?


6 – Is Roth Regatta Cafe featuring Red Mango student managed and staffed?