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Meal Plan Resolutions Committee

Meal Plan Resolutions Committee

The Meal Plan Resolutions Committee will consist of up to three appointees of the Contractor, two appointees of the FSA Executive Director, one appointee of the President of FSA, and up to six students or other members of the campus community who are independent of allegiance to FSA or the Contractor.

The Committee’s Function is to:

  • Consider issues of contract compliance and make recommendations to the FSA Executive Director and Director of Campus Dining Services for resolution.
  • Receive reports from FSA and Campus Dining Services management, customer advocates, on Campus Dining Services operations and plans and on input received from sources such as the suggestion boxes, online feedback, customer advocate reports, customer surveys, and the Mystery Shopper program.
  • Review and recommend approval to FSA of new items, pricing, and portions to the menu offerings, for inclusion in the Price and Portion Guide.
  • Review and recommend approval of Price and Portion Guide pricing adjustments, as allowed for in this Agreement.
  • Report to the FSA Board of Directors on the Committee’s activities.

The Meal Plan Resolutions Committee Brings Student Feedback to Campus Dining

Meal Plan Resolutions Committee Helps to Bring New Menu Items to Campus